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We pick our projects carefully after much research and sourcing has gone into justifying the time spent. Project ideas can originate from anywhere, but often come from either a tip from a reader or a theory developed by staff based off independent research. Each project can take months to complete, and some we work on indefinitely. 


About blAckb0x


Black Box is a product of the Alpharetta, GA based company, Appen Media Group. Created in 2017, it acts as the investigative journalism arm of the multi-media company, producing award winning journalism through print and social media, podcasts, and film.

Hans Appen / Publisher /

AJ McNaughton / Newsroom & Production Manager /

Hatcher Hurd / Executive Editor /

Kathleen Sturgeon / Editor /

Pat Fox / Editor /

Joe Parker / Reporter /

Julia Grochowski / Reporter /

Ray Appen / Owner /





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